The Power of Pilates – Inspiration for Mindful Breathing 

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How often do you take a deep breath in a day? I mean a really deep mindful breath? I’m talking about the sort of breath that expands your entire rib cage and fills your whole body with crisp and clean oxygen? I know I don’t practice this form of breathing enough until I was fortunate to discover the importance of mindful breath through a wonderful Pilates class led by my friend Barbara. 

IMG_5143 (1).JPG

We practiced opening and closing my diaphragm on one of these miraculous life-changing Pilates machines. It seems like you might be going to the OBGYN as you hoist yourself up into the stirrups, but the experience couldn’t be any more different. Through a series of leg and arm rotations you encircle your limbs but you must also remember to focus on the deep breath sequence of in and out. It seems a little complicated at first with remembering to both breathe and circle (who here struggles to walk and chew gum, anyone?) but you quickly lose your anxieties and your body does the hard work for you. After an hours class, I emerged feeling taller and leaner, and my whole body energized. 


Pilates is a wonderful exercise, a true mind and body connection.  Now take a deep breath.

Until next time! 

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