Sephora Sales! Tarte Holidaze High Performance Naturals Palette & Perfume Chat!

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You know you have a bit of an eyeshadow palette addiction when its a rare thing to meet a nude shadow palette that you don’t instantly love.  This held true when I was perusing my local Sephora and came across the Tarte Holidaze High Performance Naturals Palette.  This beauty features 6 Amazonian Clay eyeshadows, Amazonian Clay bronzer, Amazonian Clay blush and an Amazonian Clay highlighter.  There is an additional gorgeous sequined bag to carry it all in.  The best part is, all this swag came in at under $60!


I also picked up a perfume sampler called Sephora Favorites Liquid Luxuries, which offers a stellar choice of a whopping 15 sample designer scents, plus a card you use to redeem for a full size perfume of your choice. I chose Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid as it is the closest to my new favorite fall fragrance Black Orchid.  More on that later!

DSC00598 DSC00601
Check out Sephora to see what deals they have inside, you wont be disappointed! To see my first impressions and general chit chat on these products, check out my video below!

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