My Mommy Cave Reveal!

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So a mommy cave is a term that I hear being thrown around lately.  It is a place that serves the purpose of being pretty much what is says on the tin, a place where a mom can go to unwind, light a candle and center herself.  A refuge where she can get a break from the spills, cries, and clean-ups.  A place that is all her own and filled with her aura.  Dare I say a place that once she installs herself in it, you enter at your own risk!

I feel very fortunate to have my own mommy cave.  It is a room on the third floor of our house which is never used, and therefore designated to be my office when we first viewed our house. It overlooks the back garden, so it is a serene place where the gentle winds breathe a sigh of tranquillity to my lungs.  I listen to the birds chirp a sweet bird song, and I know I am right where I want to be.  The room was originally painted beige when we moved in, and I knew if I wanted to make it truly my sweet little sanctuary, it had to be painted in my signature color, Pink.

Now as I am a woman in my thirties, I knew I didn’t want it to be painted in a bright bubble gum pink like my little girl would like. But rather I opted for a sophisticated and beautiful muted rose pink. I went with BEHR paint in Royal Silk and I am stunned each time I walk into the room with how beautiful a color it is.

This is what the mommy cave looked like a few months ago.


Mommy Cave Before


I love the Baraga L-shaped desk and white swivel chair! It’s made with tempered glass and has a greenish blue hue. It has a very modern and clean feel to it and is quite similar to a collection from Pottery Barn.

Here is what the room looks like now after it has been enhanced with some further elements of my personal style.

Mommy Cave After 008Mommy Cave After 002

The room is charming and inviting, not to mention really comfortable too! I love the faux lambs wool throwback on my white swivel chair and always enjoy a beautiful bunch of freshly cut flowers!

Mommy Cave After 003

A few more touches for my peaceful productivity include a cup of tea in my favourite mug from Anthropologie and a heavenly scented candle.  The one I am burning at the moment is Turquoise Waters from Bath and Body Works.

Mommy Cave After 004

My mommy cave is still a work in progress as I still need to hang some pictures and implement some storage solutions to the room but I feel very peaceful and serene in this space and focused enough to accomplish my tasks.

How do you make your work-space pop?  Leave me some comments in the section below!






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