Christina’s Top Coats looks at Essie’s Tour de Finance

Pink nail polish seems so safe. Pink nails are the mainstay of suburban moms and princess-obsessed toddlers alike. Or maybe pink nails are actually the mainstay of princess obsessed suburban moms? Who knows! it may be that pink nails are girly and safe but they are oh so necessary for summer!
I am actually quite in love with Essie’s take on pink  with a little gem in a bottle called Tour De Finance.

May 2014 Favorites! 025

It is a perky pink with hints of iridescent blue which really makes my nails pop!

May 2014 Favorites! 026

The formula was very easy to apply and 2 quick coats gave me an even finish.  The drying time was at record speed of about 2 minutes to the touch.  This is the perfect polish for busy women on the go!  The color is a gel crème with an iridescent finish which really gets maximised in daylight.

May 2014 Favorites! 027

I am in love with this color! it will be a go -to shade this summer and the perfect pedicure pink shade all year round.  Calling all Princesses, Essie’s Tour De Finance has made it time to think Pink!





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