This Week’s Outfits

I’ve decided to make an effort to actually get dressed everyday. I know that sounds like a no brainer but since having the baby I have really let my Style game slide and end up spending most days in my workout gear.

No offense to the ladies who love their lulu out there, but all day Lycra is a no no for me. I end up feeling sloppy and disheveled and a far cry from the polished person that I would like to be.

We are leveling up our game for fall and the first stop is making an effort to put on an outfit everyday. Now I am a mom to a small baby so most days my look consists of a sweater, jeggings and flats. Sounds boring but this mommy uniform is working for me. Some days I might add heels or boots if I’m going out.

I do love a designer bag for a bit of extra oomph and the bag I am adoring at the moment is the Gucci disco bag in black and rose beige. These are so easy to carry all my items and provide ample room, and don’t look cumbersome when paired with my diaper bag.

I feel it’s so important to take the time out of your day to make yourself a priority. What do you do for self care? Leave me a comment below.  Enjoy the rest of the week loves!

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