Summer Fashion Haul

I am a little addicted to shopping at I rediscovered the site a year ago and I really think they have stepped up their game with the fashion offering. Apparently Rainbow might be the same company as Fashion Nova as the styles on offer are very similar. With a good eye, I think you can appropriate a Gucci look for a night out, or maybe even outwin the likes of Ann Taylor with casual style for work or play.

The physical store is not my favorite. The aisles are jam packed and the clothes are hard to see. It is the land of compulsive bargain shopping where you might pick up a top that you see out of the corner of your eye but then put it back because you have no idea what you would wear it with. Plus there are no fitting rooms so you have no idea what the pieces would actually look like on. You might hear some rap music on full blast and wonder what are you doing in this store as you are met with an endless supply of printed polyester pants and logo T-shirts that day “Making Money Moves”.

This is why I love shopping online at I can carefully select pieces that I know would suit my body type and personal style and have them shipped straight to my home. If I don’t like something I can then return it to the store for a full refund. How simple is that? I chose some very feminine tops which are perfect for summer and some super cute dresses. Can’t wait to wear them!

If you would like to see the few pieces I picked up for summer in further detail, check out the video below.


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