I love the dining room in a home. It is arguably one of my most favorite rooms where family and friends can convene over good conversation and cuisine. Which is why setting the tone in the dining room is so important.

When we bought our home years ago, the dining room was painted a bright cranberry red. Although it was lovely to look at it, the deep color was a bit too intense for me. So I went completely in the opposite direction and painted the room a very cool turquoise, which was nice but still not quite The vibe I was going for. Finally last year I had to make a quick paint decision during our overall home renovation and opted for a pretty but rather un- remarkable beige called French Canvas by Benjamin Moore. This color, although it was pretty, did not do much for the room – especially in the daytime. The south facing exposure washed out the color completely and the room felt like it was still missing something. So after some deliberation, we decided on pink.  Thanks  to everyone who commented via Instagram.

Here are some of the sources of my interior inspiration.  Images are via Pintrest.com.




I think I may have finally found the right balance with the perfect pink hue. Stay tuned for the big dining room reveal.
What are your favorite dining room colors? Leave me a comment below.

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